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Useful Links to External Websites

The British Veterinary Association
The BVA is the national representative body for veterinary surgeons in the UK.

The British Veterinary Nursing Association
The aim of the British Veterinary Nursing Association is to promote animal health and welfare through the ongoing development of professional excellence in veterinary nursing.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
RCVS aim to enhance society through improved animal health and welfare by setting, upholding and advancing the educational, ethical and clinical standards of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.

Pet Health Council
The Pet Health Council promotes, informs and advises on the health and welfare of pet animals in the interests of both pets and people.

Society for Companion Animal Studies
SCAS was established in 1979 to promote the study of human-companion animal interactions and raise awareness of the importance of pets in society.

The organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England, EBLEX exist to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English beef and lamb sector.

National Pet Month
Since launching 25 years ago, National Pet Month has been promoting responsible pet ownership and helping pet charities across the UK raise thousands of pounds for their organisations.

Heathrow Airport Guide to Pet Travel
Heathrow Airport have recently added a new section to their Airport Guides which contains some very useful information on travelling abroad with your pets and the recent rule changes.

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
Providing useful information on pet behaviour and a list of qualified pet behaviourists

International Cat care
An excellent source of information for cat owners.

Pet Worm Risk Checker
Elanco, the manufacturers of Milbemax palatable wormers, host the Worm Patrol website where you can fill in a short 4 question survey to calculate your pet’s worm risk and the recommended worming interval to keep them safe and well.


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