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High quality veterinary care in a professional and caring environment

24 Hour Veterinary Care

Here at Lanes Vets, we understand the anxiety that having a sick pet can cause, especially if they need treatment that requires overnight hospitalisation. All hospitalised cases are looked after at our Garstang branch.

Owners can rest assured that our registered veterinary nurses are in constant attendance 24 hours a day, ensuring that your pet gets the best quality of care, is kept comfortable and reassured during the time they are away from home. This allows the most appropriate therapies to be used and any deterioration to be notified immediately to the duty veterinarian.

Owners are kept up to date on the condition of their pet and ongoing treatment at regular intervals. If a pet is hospitalised for any length of time, owners are most welcome to visit as we feel this is often beneficial in aiding recovery of the patient.

Lanes Vets Limited is registered by The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The RCVS register veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to practise in the UK, and regulate their educational, ethical and clinical standards.