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Fertility Testing

Bull and Ram Fertility Testing Service.

Lanes Vets offer a full bull and ram fertility testing service. The test involves a full clinical examination, including internal and external genitalia; collection of a semen sample using an industry leading electro-ejaculator, plus microscopic analysis to assess sample quality and fertility.

Fertility testing can be done routinely ahead of the breeding period in a seasonal breeding pattern, as a pre-purchase check before committing to a sale, or as part of an investigation into poor fertility.

The cost of poor fertility is huge in sheep and beef farms where the lamb or calf is the only product and an infertile or sub-fertile ram or bull can have a catastrophic impact on the profitability for a whole year.

On dairy farms, although milk is the main product, the cost of poor fertility can be just as high due to lost milk, fewer replacement heifers and fewer calves to sell.

Lanes Vets_Fertility Tester

Around one in four of all bulls and rams are sub-fertile; meaning that they will sire some calves and lambs but will not be able to successfully cover as many animals as expected, especially if a tight breeding pattern is required. Lengthening the breeding period and having greater numbers of barren animals will both reduce profitability.

A good restraining system with access for sample collection is needed to test bulls but rams can be tested in a pen or brought down to the surgery.

If you have a bull or ram that you would like testing, please contact the Lanes Vets Garstang Surgery and speak to Tom Lyons, Sam Millward or Janet Horsfield on 01995 603 349 about arranging a visit.

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