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Covid-19 Update

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Fertility Testing

Routine Fertility Visits

Lanes Vets undertake routine fertility visits on many of our clients’ farms ranging from weekly to monthly visits, depending on the size and needs of the farm.

The aim of these visits is to check cows are recovering quickly from calving, starting to cycle ready for service, getting problem-cows in calf and performing pregnancy diagnosis at an early stage so that ‘empty’ cows can be re-served as soon as possible.

• Which animals should be presented at a routine visit?

• Cows for pregnancy testing that have been served more than 4 weeks previously

• Cows which are ready to be served but have not been seen bulling

• Cows with irregular patterns of bulling

• Cows 3-6 weeks post calving

• Cows off colour

• Recheck cows seen bulling that have been diagnosed as in-calf

The cost of poor fertility is huge and regular veterinary involvement can greatly improve the fertility performance on farm as well as improving cow management due to better knowledge of the status of individual cows with respect to serving, drying off and calving.

For farms which are milk-recording, computer analysis of records can be done to highlight problem areas and monitor improvement on the farm.

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